Nylon Hammer Fixing 5.0 x 30 Box of 200 PCS

Nylon Hammer Fixing Box

  • SKU: 50030HF

£4.42 ex. VAT

Product Details

A light duty hammer-set through fixing for masonry. Ideal for interior timberwork such as battens, frames, wall linings, thermal board etc. The hammer in screw eliminates the need to use a screwdriver and makes for a quick installation. Can also be removed with a screwdriver.

Model RefNameUnit Price (ex VAT)Qty
50030HFNylon Hammer Fixing 5.0 x 30 Box of 200 PCS£4.42
50050HFNylon Hammer Fixing 5.0 x 50 Box of 200 PCS£5.08
60040HFNylon Hammer Fixing 6.0 x 40 Box of 200 PCS£5.46
60050HFNylon Hammer Fixing 6.0 x 50 Box of 200 PCS£6.30
60060HFNylon Hammer Fixing 6.0 x 60 Box of 200 PCS£7.17
60070HFNylon Hammer Fixing 6.0 x 70 Box of 200 PCS£7.85
60080HFNylon Hammer Fixing 6.0 x 80 Box of 200 PCS£8.81
80060HFNylon Hammer Fixing 8.0 x 60 Box of 100 PCS£4.93
80080HFNylon Hammer Fixing 8.0 x 80 Box of 100 PCS£6.10
80100HFNylon Hammer Fixing 8.0 x 100 Box of 100 PCS£8.15
80120HFNylon Hammer Fixing 8.0 x 120 Box of 100 PCS£9.80
80140HFNylon Hammer Fixing 8.0 x 140 Box of 100 PCS£18.73

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