Hose Clip 9.5-12mm Bag of 10 PCS

Hose Clip

  • SKU: HC9512

£2.14 ex. VAT

Product Details

Zinc plated carbon steel worm drive hose clips with a 7mm slotted hex.

Model RefNameUnit Price (ex VAT)Qty
HC9512Hose Clip 9.5-12mm Bag of 10 PCS£2.14
HC1116Hose Clip 11-16mm Bag of 10 PCS£2.17
HC1320Hose Clip 13-20mm Bag of 10 PCS£2.20
HC1622Hose Clip 16-22mm Bag of 10 PCS£2.32
HC1825Hose Clip 18-25mm Bag of 10 PCS£2.37
HC2230Hose Clip 22-30mm Bag of 10 PCS£2.44
HC2535Hose Clip 25-35mm Bag of 10 PCS£2.52
HC3040Hose Clip 30-40mm Bag of 10 PCS£2.60
HC3550Hose Clip 35-50mm Bag of 10 PCS£3.30
HC4055Hose Clip 40-55mm Bag of 10 PCS£3.35
HC4560Hose Clip 45-60mm Bag of 10 PCS£3.84
HC5570Hose Clip 55-70mm Bag of 10 PCS£4.10
HC6080Hose Clip 60-80mm Bag of 10 PCS£4.54
HC7090Hose Clip 70-90mm Bag of 10 PCS£4.73
HC90120Hose Clip 90-120mm Bag of 10 PCS£5.52
HC110140Hose Clip 110-140mm Bag of 10 PCS£6.30

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