Chimaera Diamond Blade 115 x 22.2 Box of 1 EA

Chimaera Diamond Blade

  • SKU: MM115222

£16.45 ex. VAT

Product Details

A high quality multi-material blade designed for cutting construction materials. Continuous rim turbo segmented blade for smooth cutting of construction material and reinforced concrete.

Model RefNameUnit Price (ex VAT)Qty
MM115222Chimaera Diamond Blade 115 x 22.2 Box of 1 EA£16.45
MM125222Chimaera Diamond Blade 125 x 22.2 Box of 1 EA£19.04
MM230222Chimaera Diamond Blade 230 x 22.2 Box of 1 EA£43.97
MM30020Chimaera Diamond Blade 300 x 20 Box of 1 EA£77.90
MM300222Chimaera Diamond Blade 300 x 22.2 Box of 1 EA£77.90
MM35020Chimaera Diamond Blade 350 x 20 Box of 1 EA£94.39
MM350254Chimaera Diamond Blade 350 x 25.4 Box of 1 EA£94.39

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