Jigsaw Blade - Wood T111C Pack of 5 PCS

Jigsaw Blade - Wood

  • SKU: AHG13

£2.74 ex. VAT

Product Details

High Carbon Steel (HCS) blades are for use with softer materials such as, hard and soft wood, plastics and laminated boards. Straight cut blade, is a standard blade type perfect for all general purpose applications.

Model RefNameUnit Price (ex VAT)Qty
AHG13Jigsaw Blade - Wood T111C Pack of 5 PCS£2.74
AHW12Jigsaw Blade - Wood T119B Pack of 5 PCS£3.07
AHW12KJigsaw Blade - Wood T119BO Pack of 5 PCS£3.15
AHGS14Jigsaw Blade - Wood T144D Pack of 5 PCS£3.91
AHGS24Jigsaw Blade - Wood T244D Pack of 5 PCS£4.93
AHC14Jigsaw Blade - Wood T101D Pack of 5 PCS£5.01
AHC12Jigsaw Blade - Wood T101B Pack of 5 PCS£5.01
AHC14DJigsaw Blade - Wood T101DP Pack of 5 PCS£5.56
AHC12KJigsaw Blade - Wood T101AO Pack of 5 PCS£4.61
AHC12RJigsaw Blade - Wood T101BR Pack of 5 PCS£5.52
AHC32RJigsaw Blade - Wood T101BRLong Pack of 5 PCS£6.93

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