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Solo Coach Screw ZYP

  • SKU: 640SCSYP

£1.20 ex. VAT

Product Details

A versatile heavy duty coach screw with a hex flange head and is the modern replacement for traditional DIN 571 coach screws. Benefits from an aggressive slash point tip for easy driving and reduced splitting. Suitable for softwood, hardwood, man-made board or masonry with the use of a nylon plug. Zinc plated and yellow passivated for improved corrosion resistance.• 3x faster than standard coach screws• Power tool compatible• Single slash point for quick installation
Model RefNameUnit Price (ex VAT)Qty
640SCSYPSolo Coach Screw ZYP 6.0 x 40 TIMpac of 12 PCS£1.20
650SCSYPSolo Coach Screw ZYP 6.0 x 50 TIMpac of 12 PCS£1.20
670SCSYPSolo Coach Screw ZYP 6.0 x 70 TIMpac of 10 PCS£1.20
680SCSYPSolo Coach Screw ZYP 6.0 x 80 TIMpac of 10 PCS£1.20
6100SCSYPSolo Coach Screw ZYP 6.0 x 100 TIMpac of 8 PCS£1.20
8100SCSYPSolo Coach Screw ZYP 8.0 x 100 TIMpac of 4 PCS£1.20
8120SCSYPSolo Coach Screw ZYP 8.0 x 120 TIMpac of 4 PCS£1.20
10100SCSYPSolo Coach Screw ZYP 10.0 x 100 TIMpac of 2 PCS£1.20

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