Adjustable Hinge Set HDG 300mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK

Adjustable Hinge Set HDG

  • SKU: AFH300G

£13.92 ex. VAT

Product Details

Ideal for use on fieldgates and driveway gates that are to be hung on timber posts. The hinge set provides exceptional support to the gate as the top band wraps around the gate and are fixed with cup square bolts to firmly secure in place. The bottom fitting clamps around the heel of the gate and is adjustable to allow for easy gate alignment after fitting. This is particularly useful when hanging pairs of gates. Depending on the weight distribution of the gate, the top or bottom pin can be mounted upside down to prevent unwanted removal of the gate. TIMco fixings included.

Model RefNameUnit Price (ex VAT)Qty
AFH300GAdjustable Hinge Set HDG 300mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£13.92
AFH450GAdjustable Hinge Set HDG 450mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£15.11
AFH600GAdjustable Hinge Set HDG 600mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£17.16

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