Safety Gate Hook and Eye HDG 150mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK

Safety Gate Hook and Eye HDG


£2.25 ex. VAT

Product Details

Ideal for latching gates in a closed position and prevents the opening of gates by animals. No fixings required.

Model RefNameUnit Price (ex VAT)Qty
SGHEGSafety Gate Hook and Eye HDG 150mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£2.25
HRH250BHeavy ReversibleHinge Pair BLK 250mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£7.55
HRH300BHeavy ReversibleHinge Pair BLK 300mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£7.73
HRH350BHeavy ReversibleHinge Pair BLK 350mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£8.43
HRH400BHeavy ReversibleHinge Pair BLK 400mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£8.76
HRH450BHeavy ReversibleHinge Pair BLK 450mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£12.32
HRH500BHeavy ReversibleHinge Pair BLK 500mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£12.29
HRH600BHeavy ReversibleHinge Pair BLK 600mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£16.45
HRH750BHeavy ReversibleHinge Pair BLK 750mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£23.99
HRH900BHeavy ReversibleHinge Pair BLK 900mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£27.90
HRH1050BHeavy ReversibleHinge Pair BLK 1050mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£31.81
HRH1200BHeavy ReversibleHinge Pair BLK 1200mm Plain Bag of 1 PCK£40.02

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